Week 39: Bumpdate + zoo bonus


It looks like we’re getting to the home stretch of this pregnancy. This week at my doctor’s appointment, she just kept saying “She is soooo low…you must be really uncomfortable.” I’m not sure you would talk to many women who are 39 weeks pregnant who would say they were comfortable, but I think her insistence that I’m feeling uncomfortable is making me feel more uncomfortable. “Why yes, doctor, now that you mention it, I am quite uncomfortable.”

**Refer to week 21 to see just how much stretch this poor shirt has.

There haven’t been any signs that this girl is coming, but as my friend Steph says, “You’re just trying to walk this baby out of you, aren’t you?” Aaron has been a trooper and has spent much time indulging me during our record slow walks around the neighborhood, and more recently, the zoo. We went to the zoo this past weekend and had a great time, but I will tell you this–you take a very pregnant woman to the zoo and you’ll get a lot of this…

And this….

Despite my frequent breaks, we saw lot of cool things. Aaron was most excited about the new elephants:

He even wanted to make sure Laney got a picture with them.

I can’t believe it’s our last week or so of hanging out with just the two of us! I don’t know how we’ll spend the week, but I think we should squeeze all the life out of it!

Weeks 36-38: Bumpdate

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36 Weeks

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38 Weeks!

Baby shower!

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My mom and sisters are throwing us a baby shower this weekend at Aiken Acres! I’m so excited to visit with everyone. I had a little spare time so I crafted a onesie baby banner to hang up somewhere!


5 Worst Things About a Childbirth Preparation Class


This weekend, we’re doing an intensive (many hours shoved into 2 days) class to prepare us for childbirth. My first thought is, “Can anyone reeeeeally be prepared for first time childbirth?!” I’m doubtful. My second thought is, “Who pays money to sit in class for 13 hours on the weekend in the summer?!” Apparently we do. In any case, here are the top 5 worst things about childbirth prep class, in no particular order.

1. The provided snacks were Lorna Doone cookies and some kind of mixed berry cereal bar. Blah and blah.

2. There were countless comments by the instructor/husbands to the effect of “is this when she’ll hate me for getting her pregnant?” Hardy har har–we laugh because we don’t have to give birth.

3. There’s always gotta be that one woman who is due a few weeks after you, but looks hardly pregnant. (Ok, so it was more like 10 weeks after me, but seriously, homegirl looked like she had just eaten lunch at Olive Garden but had passed on the second basket of breadsticks).

4. The instructor is asked “Do infants face front or rear in the car?” After a giant pause, her answer is “uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I think rear”. Not feeling too confident about ya anymore, nurse lady.

5. The words tear, mucous plug, ring of fire, and forceps are thrown around much too casually.

35 Weeks: Bumpdate


We got to see baby girl again this week! After my most recent doctor’s appointment, they sent me to get an ultrasound because I wasn’t measuring as big as they were expecting. It made me a little nervous for things to be anything other than normal, but I was excited to get an unexpected ultrasound. Turns out she’s not small at all and is actually measuring 2 days ahead of schedule. Of course, her growth is somewhat ridiculously skewed–abdomen in the 4th percentile and head in the 88th?! I’m hoping that evens out a bit in the next 5 weeks and I don’t give birth to an ultra-skinny, big-headed child. Looking at my 35 weeks picture, I can’t imagine how big they expect me to be!

33 Weeks: Bumpdate


I was in Pennsylvania last week hanging out with my mom who had foot surgery as well as attending the annual Aiken Acres July 4th celebration, a wedding, and a baby party with Aaron’s family, so the week 32 bumpdate was forgotten. My apologies. Hopefully, week 33 does not disappoint as I’ve definitely grown 2 weeks worth since you’ve seen me.

31 Weeks: Bumpdate

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